Rebel Pilot
Appearance Tatooine, Hoth, and Endor
Durability High
Defense Point Loss 1
Affiliation Light Side
Game Description The heart and soul of the Alliance to Restore the Republic
Game Tip Seperate them from other enemies to concentrate your fire on them.

Characteristics Edit

  • High durability
  • Medium damage
  • Buffs other units around them. (Amount and type unknown, most likely a buff to defense and offense)

Tactics Edit

  • A level 3 Ranged or Artillery Tower with a level 2 Melee towers pinning them is a viable tactic. Status towers can also help to reduce their defenses.
  • Isolating them from other units with melee at a certain area also works nicely because the towers will spawn more than they can kill. It doesn't work if the Pilots are backed up by Vanguards, Bowcasters, or if the Pilots come in a large amount.
  • In extreme and in events Champions and level 3 Melee Towers will lose in a 1v1 fight, so its best to make sure they are supported by other towers or with orbital bombardments.

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