Operation Intel is the first Mission of Tatooine for the Light Side Campaign. It is the first time that players battle Stormtroopers and Scout Troopers.

In-Game Description Edit

"Agents carrying crucial Imperial intelligence have crashed on the planet. The Imperials must not find them; engage the enemy in battle so that the agents have a chance to escape!"

Rewards Edit

  • Novice (x1): 100 credits
  • Easy (x2.2): 110 credits
  • Normal (x3.6): 120 credits
  • Hard (x5.2): 130 credits
  • Extreme (x7): 150 credits

Enemy Waves Edit

  1. First Wave
    • Stormtrooper x8 (NEW)
  2. Second Wave
    • Stormtrooper x12
    • Scout trooper x2 (NEW)
  3. Third Wave
    • Storm Trooper x16
    • Scout Trooper x3
  4. Fourth Wave
    • Storm Trooper x20
    • Scout Trooper x5
    • Greedo x1 (NEW)