Long Live the Empire is the ninth mission of Endor for the Dark side campaign. 

In-Game Description Edit

"The remaining Rebel troops have amassed and are launching a full-scale attack against the shield generator. We must outflank and overpower their forces to ensure Imperial victory!"

Rewards Edit

  • Novice (x1): 400 credits
  • Easy (x2.2): 435 credits
  • Normal (x3.6): 470 credits
  • Hard (x5.2): 500 credits
  • Extreme (x7): 550 credits

Enemy Troops Edit

Wave Edit

  1. Rebel Special Forces x5, Ewok X15
  2.  Rebel Special Forces x5, Rebel Speeder Bike x2, Ewok x12
  3. Rebel Vangaurd x3, Endor Forest Ranger x1, Wookiee Bowcaster x4
  4. Rebel Vangaurd x6, Ewok x20, Rebel Speeder Bike x2, Rebel Troop Carrier x1
  5.  Rebel Special Forces x9, Endor Forest Ranger x2
  6.  Endor Forest Ranger x2, Wookiee Bowcaster x2, Rebel Troop Carrier x1, Ewok x20
  7.  Rebel Special Forces x15, Rebel Speeder Bike x2, Rebel Vangaurd x3, Rebel Troop Carrier x2
  8.  Endor Forest Ranger x2, Ewok X12, Wookiee Bowcaster x2, Rebel Troop Carrier x1
  9.  Rebel Special Forces x8, Wookiee Bowcaster x5, Rebel Troop Carrier x2, Rebel Speeder Bike x3, Rebel Vangaurd x4, Endor Forest Ranger x1
  10. Rebel Armored Freerunner x1, Rebel Special Forces x8, Rebel Speeder Bike x4, Wookiee Bowcaster x4, Rebel Vangaurd x6

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