Star Wars Ki-Adi
Galactic Defense Ki-Adi-Mundi
Biographical Information
Homeworld Cerea
Birth 92 BBY
Death 19 BBY
Physical Description
Species Cerean
Gender Male
Height 1.98 meters
Weight 82 kilograms
Hair Colour white
Eye Colour yellow
Skin Colour Caucasian
Cybernetics None
Chronological Information
Eras Rise of the Empire Era
Affiliation Galactic Republic, Jedi Order

A skilled, yet resilient believer of tradition Ki-Adi-Mundi was a male Cerean Jedi Master of the Jedi Order who served during the Clone Wars, Padawan to Master Yoda, Mundi was held in high regard by members of the Jedi Council along the side likes of Kit Fisto, Mace Windu, Plo Koon and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Chance to unlock Champion via Carbonite pod (10000 Credits)

In-Game Description

"A leading member of the Jedi Council, Ki-Adi-Mundi strongly believes in tradition and strength of the Republic."

Max Lv.40 (6 Carbonite Pods)

Champion Skill

(3 Tiers) Telekinetic Blast (Area Damage) Ki-Adi-Mundi releases a burst of Telekinetic energy to damage all enemies around him.

Champion Synergy

(HP Regen): Aayla Secura / Ahsoka Tano / Kit Fisto / Mace Windu / Obi-Wan Kenobi / Plo Koon / Yoda

Planet Synergy 

(Movement Speed) Geonosis

Champion Stats

Base Lv



Lv.15 46 1064
Lv.20 65 1573
Lv.25 88 2082
Lv.30 116 2743
Lv.35 148 3505
Lv.40 184 4369

Base Stats

Armor: 17%

Dodge: 11%

Attack Speed: 1

Critical Chance: 8%

Movement Speed: 85

Shield: 0

Critical Hit Multiplier: 1

Hp Regeneration Rate: 2%

Skill Regeneration Rate: 100%

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