Picture of updated menu.

The Kashyyk Update was launched on August 27th 2015. This included Kashyyyk to the planet roster and additional changes to the game.

Features Edit

General Changes

  • Players will no longer need to choose which side to play when the game is launched.
  • Missions will grant rewards for clearing the map the first time and a random chance for items.
  • Interface updated, each mission will give info on starting scraps and towers that are preset on the map when starting the mission. (Preset Towers cannot be sold for scrap)
  • Veteran players have been compensated based on Tower Level, Champion Level, and Champion Relics acquired. (Check main menu of the game for more info)
  • News Feed of events added.
  • New features to champions.
  • Support Cards removed.
  • Synergy mechanic removed.
  • Removal of valor, and player rank exp increases when clearing missions for the first time. Thus encouraging players to play both sides.
  • Missions have varying energy costs, and requires player's rank and stars obtained to unlock.
  • Destiny Pod and Salvaged Pod added to store menu. Destiny Pod has a 24 hour cooldown that gives players one item. (Items and Champion Badges for Rarity 1 and 2) Salvaged Pod has a 5 hour cooldown and offers one item needed for perks.
  • Added Heroic Pod and Legendary Pods to the store. Heroic Pods can be bought with credits (9,000 for a chance of one item or badge. 81,000 for 10 items) Legendary Pods can be bought with gems (300 for a chance of one champion, badge, or item. 2,700 for 10 items and one guaranteed champion)

Champions Edit

Acquisition Edit

Mission Screen

Completing missions with images of champions grants a chance to acquire the champion's badge as a reward.

With the update champion features and method of acquisition had changed. Champions are now acquired by gathering badges, and each champion has a certain amount needed to unlock him/her. (EX:60 for the recent champions, and 30 for past event champions) Badges can be acquired through store purchase of Legendary and Heroic Pods, some badges can be earned on missions and therefore enforcing the need to play both sides.


Rarity are tiers for champions, rarity can be increased by gathering the required amount of badges. Each Rarity acquired boosts the champion's base stats and allow additional perks to be unlocked.

Traits and Perks Edit

Each champion are given types of classes that give a boost to certain stats. (Currently amount and which stat boosted are unknown) The following classes are: Warrior, Scoundrel, and Tactician. Champions can also boost performance of certain towers and their stats by their perks. (Ex: Darth Vader's perks boost performance of melee towers) Perks are unlocked based on the player's rank, character's rarity, and level; each perk requires materials and clicking on the material will show which mission or store item they can be acquired from.

Champion Menu

Updated menu of champions, showing off perks.

Perk Tree

Example of perk tree.